Conference agenda

On Thursday 29th November 2018, at the swanky Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, we’ll get together to celebrate and debate all the best ideas and successes in legal HR (and beyond!).

Facilitated by award-winning writer and broadcaster Declan Curry, this year’s HR in Law Conference will feature experts from law firms such as Kingsley Napley and CM Murray, and we’ll also hear from representatives from the likes of PwC, who’ll share excellence from the wider world of professional services.

The conference will explore three themes with presentations, panel discussions and keynote speakers covering topics such as #metoo, the future of talent, mental health in the workplace and other issues of current interest. It’s set to be a truly thought-provoking day of insight not to be missed.

What's in store

Theme 1 Navigating the Future

The future's not what it used to be. In this opening segment, we'll be looking at where work is heading generally. Professor Adrian Furnham will explore how the workplace of the future may look. Then we'll examine the future of talent, as Lawrence Harris, Reward Consultant at PwC takes to the stage.

Theme 2 Levelling the Playing Field for All

In our second theme of the day, we’ll be tackling sensitive issues such as the increasingly prevalent #metoo movement with a panel led by CM Murray LLP's Managing Partner Clare Murray. We’ll then hear first-hand from Joanne Theodoulou, UK GC at Simply Business, her personal tale about how mental illness can affect so many people in the workplace.

Theme 3 Current Issues

Many contemporary issues just can't be avoided, and cry out for a robust response from HR. In this segment we'll look at a number of such issues. Cognacity's Professor Pieter Kruger will be looking at performance in the digital age and how we deal with technology. Following Pieter our panel, including experts from SSQ and Group8, will be discussing the thorny issue of what makes laterals succeed.

Registration & Breakfast Reception -
Welcome & Introduction -

Rob Hind, Chairman of HR in Law

Introduction by Declan Curry -
Morning Keynote with Professor Adrian Furnham: The future of work -
Theme 1: Navigating the Future

Some futurologists are enthusiastic optimists, others reluctant pessimists. In this session Adrian will consider major changes in society as well as in the workplace with a special emphasis on the consequences of disruption. Alongside this, he will proffer some cautious predictions about the future and outline how to prepare for them. 

10x Psychology
The future of talent -

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Automation and ‘thinking machines’ are replacing human tasks and jobs, and changing the skills that organisations are looking for in their people. These momentous changes raise huge organisational, talent and HR challenges – at a time when business leaders are already wrestling with unprecedented risks, disruption and political and societal upheaval. The pace of change is accelerating. Competition for the right talent is fierce. And ‘talent’ no longer means the same as ten years ago; many of the roles, skills and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us today.

How can organisations prepare for a future that few of us can define? How will your talent needs change? How can you attract, keep and motivate the people you need? And what does all this mean for HR?

In this session we will consider the impact of technology disruption, what this means for the workforce and the impact this may have on Human Capital functions in Law, in the future.

Senior Manager, Future of Work Consultant

10x Psychology
Coffee & Networking -
Panel: #metoo and law -

Theme 2: Levelling the playing field for all

The days of quietly brushing sexual harassment allegations under the carpet have gone. The SRA is taking a tough stance; the government is planning mandatory obligations on employers to eradicate harassment; and the press are relentless in their appetite to expose the full extent of #metoolaw.

What does a best practice sexual harassment investigation look like and what are the common challenges that firms face? When and how should the firm notify the SRA? What if the harassment involves a criminal offence? And how should you deal with the inevitable press scrutiny? Ensuring law firm senior management buy-in to eradicating sexual harassment, and staff buy in to reporting it (even when they are not the victims), are key – but how do you achieve it? All of these issues and more will be discussed by our multi-disciplinary panel of partnership, employment, regulatory and criminal law specialists.

CM Murray LLP
Kingsley Napley
Founder and Managing Partner
CM Murray LLP
Peters & Peters

Interview: Mental health in the workplace -
Drawing on her own experience as a lawyer who has suffered from mental health problems, Joanne will talk about the difference between thriving, struggling and being mentally ill. A trustee of the mental health charity Mind, Joanne is passionate about raising awareness and improving understanding of mental health and illness.
General Counsel
Simply Business

Lunch -
Performance in the digital age: dealing with technology -

Theme 3: Current Issues

Using the latest information and research in cognitive behavioural psychology, we'll explore some of the challenges we face in the Information Age and particularly how technology is affecting our wellbeing and ability to perform optimally.

The Information Age has brought on a revolution in choice: where we eat, what we buy, how we work, whom we date – but the pace of change often outstrips our ability to cope.

Research indicates that many people are becoming more distracted, disengaged and distressed at work, with knock-on effects on productivity, engagement and wellbeing. Whilst every age throughout history has brought new opportunities and challenges, in this talk we ask: how well are we adapting to our new digital world?

Panel: What makes laterals succeed? -

Theme 3: Current Issues

Panel discussion with Matt Bold (SSQ) and Miranda Hilton (Group8).

Partner Recruitment Manager
White & Case
Afternoon Keynote -
Labour MP for Tottenham

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